Multiple Account Synchronization (MAS)

Multiple account synchronization service (MAS) provides a fast and easy way to control multiple trading accounts from one or multiple master account(s). It can be very useful for traders who have accounts with different brokers or who manage investor's accounts. The basic package (FREE) includes one master and two slave accounts. Proffessional packages allow controling up to 20 slave accounts from one or multiple (up to 5) master accounts.

MAS features:  

  • Synchronization via Internet (MT4 accounts can be one different computers)
  • High speed synchronization (from 5 sec)
  • Easy to install, easy to configure
  • Flexible configuration (lot size, order creating rules...)
  • Access to synchronization logs (you can track any order)
  • Multiple masters and multiple slaves configuration
  • 24x5 support
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